Thor 2: The Dark World Hammers All Competition

The second installment of Thor has swept the American audience and is dominating the US box office. Since its release on the 30th October, the Marvel superhero sequel has grossed an estimated £204,000,000 million, churning out £53,8457020 million over its first weekend. Jackass’s spin off, Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa falls to second on the list with computer animated comedy Free Birds rising to third.

In recent times, Marvel has wreaked the fruits of their success. The Avengers, the Iron Man franchise, Captain America, The Amazing Spiderman, Thor one and now Thor 2 has ensured business has been booming, not only in ticket sales, but in DVD/blue ray releases, merchandise and other variations of synergy.

Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleson and Natalie Portman all reprise their roles respectfully. The mighty Asgardian prince reluctantly seeks help from his treacherous adopted brother Loki, who has been imprisoned by the king. However, after an old threat resurfaces and threatens the order of nine realms, Thor must defeat the evil that stands between him and the safety of the nine worlds.

Hemsworth, who plays Thor revealed he is contracted to another Thor film and two more Avengers films and would be happy to continue should the public keep asking for more. Thor’s next scheduled appearance is in Avengers Age of Ultron, which is to be released on May 1st 2015.

The final scene at the end of the film suggests there is a third film due to be released sometime in the future. When asked about the possibility, Marvel Studios producer Kevin Feige said:: “We definitely have a story we’d like to tell.”

Here is the films trailer, enjoy :

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