The Nomad Cinema Halloween Screenings 2014

Taking place at The LookOut, Hyde Park this year, The Nomad Cinema present 4 classic film screenings for Halloween.

Tickets include a glass of fizz on arrival, Greek street food wrap, themed craft activities and firepit with marshmallows! Other Hallowe’en happenings on the night: themed cocktails, fancy dress photo booth, ‘unlucky’ dip and more…

Fore full info and tickets, visit

Thursday 30th October
Doors: 5:30 pm
Screening: 6:15 pm

Three odd-ball scientists are let loose on NYC when their Paranormal Studies department gets closed down… Setting up shop in an old firestation, the Ghostbusters trap pesky ghosts, spirits, haunts, and poltergeists and wise-crack their way through the Big Apple. When they stumble upon a gateway to another dimension, an ancient spirit threatens to release untold evil upon the city, and an apocalyptic mind-quake rocks Manhattan…Fusing state-of-the-art SFX, a loopy guys-on-a-mission plot, some awful synth ’n’ snare electro-pop and a handful of the finest one-liners ever.

The Wicker Man
Thursday 30th October
Doors: 8:15 pm
Screening: 9:15 pm

Sergeant Howie (Edward Woodward) arrives on the small Scottish island of Summerisle to investigate the report of a missing child. A conservative Christian, Howie is disturbed by the residents’ frivolous sexual displays and strange pagan rituals. The more the Sergeant learns about the islanders’ strange practices, the closer he gets to tracking down the missing child, and he slowly comes to fear that the girl’s disappearance may be linked to a dreadful public ritual. With an iconic performance from Christopher Lee as the sinister Lord Summerisle, the film’s intelligence and uncanny tone has attracted a devoted cult following. For sheer imagination and near-terror, The Wicker Man has seldom been equalled​. British folk-horror at its best.

Twilight (2008)
Friday 31st October
Doors: 5 pm
Screening: 6 pm

Let’s be honest. Which of us, in our impressionable teenage years, has not displaced an irrational horror of sex into a freaky crush on a moody vampire with sky-high cheekbones and a taste for human blood? When she arrives at Forks high school Bella (Kristen Stewart) is instantly attracted to mysterious emo hunk Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). He’s one of a super-cool gang who seem to have dark hair, pale skin and an aversion to sunshine…This vamp-romance is sweetly idealistic with a charm all of its own: a teen romance to really get your teeth into.​

The Blair Witch Project
Friday 31st October
Doors: 8.30 pm
Screening: 9.30 pm

The original found-footage horror film. Three film students vanish after hiking into the forest to shoot a documentary on the local Blair Witch legend. Once they get into the woods, the situation gradually turns ominous. They walk in circles. Something happens to their map. Nature itself begins to seem oppressive and dead. They find ominous signs. Bundles of twigs. Unsettling stick figures. Able to evoke scalp-shrivelling fear with nothing more than darkness and shadows – the film has no special effects and the horror is suggested rather than shown.​ Behind the incredible hype which accompanied the film on its release, lies a devastatingly effective ghost story.

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