The Hurt Locker Defeats Avatar at The Oscars

Tom Hanks wasted no time in announcing that The Hurt Locker was this year’s Best Picture at The Academy Awards, beating James Cameron’s hotly tipped Avatar. Director Kathryn Bigelow barely had time to get off the stage after being awarded the Oscar for Best Director before she was back on it to receive the biggest award of the night.

The Hurt Locker took home the most awards at this year’s ceremony, confining Avatar to a handful of technical awards. Bigelow took the time in both her speeches to pay tribute to the servicemen serving in conflicts around the world, her film being an thriller set in an Iraqi war-zone.

The film, which was dwarfed at the box office by it’s major rival Avatar, managed to prevail when it came down to the major awards at the end of the night after having gained significant momentum with wins over Avatar in some of the less high-profile categories. It was a popular decision in the most openly contested of the ‘big’ categories. Earlier in the night Sandra Bullock was named best actress and Jeff Bridges took home the Best Actor gong.

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  1. Alex

    Nonsense. Avatar was better than The Hurt Locker in every sense. Army propaganda film beats extrordinary, REAL film. A political move, obviously.

  2. Stefan T.

    I was truly surprised (unpleasantly) when i saw The Hurt Locker win this award. I saw both movies in theaters and i have to say i think that Avatar should have gotten this Oscar for several reasons. Avatar conveys such a powerful and rich world/message and embodies what i think a “best picture” movie is. The characters, the visuals, the universe, was all so well combined in my opinion. Although i did enjoy The Hurt Locker, and though it was a great film… i found Avatar stunning and majestic; a true epic. To me… denying Avatar the award for best picture, is like denying Gone With The Wind, respectively.

    My Opinion…
    think of it as you like


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