‘The Help’ Needs None at the Box Office

The Help has been one of those widely anticipated films of 2011. With a stellar cast promising breakthrough performances and a serious storyline which cuts through some of Hollywood’s other comedic clichés, The Help has generated quite a buzz on the movie scene.

Co-producer Chris Columbus echoed this point by saying “The strongest thing about this movie, and we’ve known this since we began screening it, is word of mouth.”

And while we over on this side of the pond have another two months of waiting to endure, it seems that The Help not only talks the talks but also walks the box-office walk in the U.S, as it grabs the coveted number one position.

The comedy-drama film adaptation brings to light issues surrounding race and civil rights in America during the 1960’s. Staring Hollywood brightest rising star Emma Stone and Coach Carter actress Octavia Spencer, the dramedy explores the relationship between young college graduate (Stone) and two black maids.

Since debuting just two weeks ago, the film climbed to the No.1 spot after overtaking Rise of the Planet of the Apes and has grossed over $78 million in total.

If you want to catch the summer blockbuster with substance, check out The Help when it opens in the UK on 28th October 2011.

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