‘The Dark Knight Rises’ set photos released

The first official photos taken on the set of The Dark Knight Rises have been released.

Filming took place in Pittsburgh, PA, and include Christian Bale in the Batsuit, Tom Hardy as villain Bane, Marion Cotillard as potential love interest Miranda Tate, and Christopher Nolan in the director’s chair; vehicles the Batmobile and the Batpod are also feature.

All photos by Jared Wickerman/Getty Images.

Christian Bale as the eponymous caped crusader

Tom Hardy as Bane

Batman and Bane fight

Bane (Hardy, right) is addicted to a strength-enhancer called Venom, which he takes in through his mask

Marion Cotillard talks to the crew between scenes

Marion Cotillard talks to crew members between scenes

Cotillard is seen here leaving the Batmobile during a scene; her character, Miranda Tate, is a an employee of Wayne Enterprises

The Batmobile

Batman's motocycle, also known as the Batpod

Christopher Nolan (right) directs between scenes from a bucket crane; fake snow falls on set

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