Star Wars On It’s Way To Blu-Ray

In possibly the least surprising piece of film news this year, but one which will have geeks salivating around the world, George Lucas’ team have revealed that Episodes I – VI (what, no Clone Wars?) will be heading to blu-ray. Steve Sansweet, Lucas’ ‘head of fan relations’ had this to say about the collection: “We have been at work for a couple of years working on – I won’t call it the Ultimate Set because we keep finding stuff – but a very full set of all six movies on Blu-ray with lots of extra material. We’re finding all kinds of scenes from dailies that have never been seen before. Beyond all of those things that you know about… there are some real treasures.”

So George Lucas will be pillaging the fans of his extremely overrated franchise for more money (I think it’s pretty rich he ever tried charging fans for Episode I in any format) with October 2011 being touted as a potential release date. And don’t be at all surprised if not long after we have retro-fitted 3D versions of the six films back on our cinema screen. Hope you have deep pockets Star Wars fans.

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