Skins Heading For The Big Screen

With Skins now reaching the end of it’s fourth series and about to say goodbye to it’s second cast of hell-raising teens, it appears there may be a chance for them all to reappear in a big screen version of the hit E4 series. Jack Thorne, writer of some episodes of the show and The Scouting Book For Boys, revealed to The Observer this weekend that he’s been hired to pen Skins: The Movie.

The film would reunite the surviving members of the first two Skins casts; so that would be Tony, Michelle, Sid, Cassie, Jal, Maxxie, Anwar, Sketch, Effy, Pandora, Thomas, JJ, Emily, Naomi, Cook and Katie. That’s a big cast and you’d have to imagine the film would have to depart from the Lost-like focus on one character per episode format. At it’s addictive best the show can be both moving and compelling, while at others it’s shock over substance tactics undermine some brilliant story-lines. But if the film can recapture the essence of what made the show great early on, and attract back all the cast-members, then this could be something to look forward to.

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