seeper + Sampad Transform Landmarks with Interactive Projection Mapping

7th-9th September
Part of London 2012 Festival
Town Hall, Birmingham
& Nottingham Council House

Digital Arts collective seeper, in collaboration with Sampad are to produce a spectacular outdoor event fusing live South Asian dance and music with architectural projection mapping called Mandala.

Taking place on September 7th and 9th as part of the London 2012 festival, seeper will be transforming two iconic landmarks; The town hall in Birmingham and Nottingham Council House. Where the show will combine world-class South Asian inspired traditional and contemporary dance with seeper’s own Seeserver Media Mainframe, a real time tracking system will allow the dancers and audience members to generate live imagery bringing the building to life with colour, and transforming it into breathtaking new forms.

The event will combine world-class South Asian inspired traditional and contemporary dance. Including performances from Devika Rao, Aakash Odedra and genre defining musician Talvin Singh, who will perform live while sound reactive motion graphics flood the structure behind.

The 30-minute show will take the audience through an epic journey.

Alex Tennyson, project lead at seeper described the narrative as, “remembering where you have come from, but not being afraid to try something new”.

Mandala will be a remarkable and inspiring piece of collaborative live art, and the experience is free for all. This is going to be a unique event, an unlikely fusion of tradition and technology. For more info about the events, check out the links below.


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