Seeper Commissioned to Launch The Titanic Experience, Belfast

seeper-logoLeading arts and tech collective have been hired to produce a show of Titanic proportions. One of Britain’s leading art and digital collectives,, have been commissioned by the Northern Ireland Tourist Board to produce the opening show extravaganza for Titanic Belfast, Europe’s largest tourist attraction opening in April 2012. Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the building of the historical ship, the entire facade of the soon-to-be-famous architectural monument will be transformed into a living, breathing real time 3D canvas.

While most of the details are still being kept secret, seeper founder and Creative Director Evan Grant confirmed that the Titanic Building would be the most complex and sophisticated projection mapping project ever created:

“With the metal plaques of the Titanic building forming irregular pyramids, we’ve found light reacts very differently depending on the angle, causing it to be an integral consideration across all the show.”

Created using a series of tools including Maxon Cinema 4D, and for the first time seeper’s own bespoke new media server the seeserver will produce fully integrated Audio-Visual projection show, featuring advanced pyrotechnics and audio-reactive visuals inspired by the creation of the Titanic.

Seeper are most famous for their interactive physical/digital projects such as the Battle of Branchage in 2010 and the launch of AC/DC’s Iron Man 2 album through projection mapping Rochester Castle seeper’s nucleus is distilling the essence of experience, exploring natural user interaction and computing power to create multi-sensory experiences and augment memories.

“We want people to have a place to reengage with their child-like side” says Evan Grant, founder and Creative Director of “We specialise in real world interactive installations and performances, with an ethos to create and capture the essence of experience.”

The opening show, to be aired worldwide, will convey the sights, sounds, and stories of the shipyard while seeper’s open-air display allows for real-time content to be projected and aligned to real world objects using projectors so powerful that they produce lightening bolts inside them.

The Titanic Experience

titanic-belfastThe Titanic Experience is housed in an iconic, 6-floor building, this state-of-the-art visitor experience tells the story of the Titanic. The visitor begins in turn of the century Belfast, to learn why Belfast was once the third largest in the Empire, was so industrialised.

Although the ship is known for striking an iceberg and sinking with a significant loss of life, it is also symbolic of the rich industrial heritage of Belfast at the turn of the twentieth century and provides a fascinating story for every generation of people throughout the world. For these reasons Titanic has become a key signature project for Belfast, via “Titanic Belfast” and is also the name given to Europe’s largest waterfront regeneration scheme – Titanic Quarter. will create a visual story of Titanic’s conception followed by its early construction, launch, fit out and tragic maiden voyage. The story will be brought up to the present with the discovery of the wreck and into the future with live links to contemporary undersea exploration.

Check back next week as we will be featuring an interview with Evan Grant.

Titanic Belfast

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