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The Ritzy cinema in Brixton, part of the picturehouse chain is by far my favourite London cinema with its great live music events and lovely cafe. They are launching an exciting and innovative new cinema event next week called the Ritzy Jukebox. The idea of the event is that the audience themselves get to choose the film shown from a choice of three independent features. The films are new films from the festival circuit without distributors yet and the directors themselves will be present at the cinema and will pitch their film with a short clip to the audience before they cast their votes. The first Ritzy jukebox screening will be on Tuesday 12 January and they are planned to run every six weeks or so after. The event starts at 8.45 and here are synopsis of the three contending films –

Lovelorn, directed by Becky Preston
After a tragic accident John begins an obsessive crusade to bring his comatose sister back to the waking world. In his sleep he walks the afterlife where she is trapped and soon John finds himself playing a game for her soul, a game that can’t be won, against the only opponent who can never be beaten, Death.

Hardly Bear to look at You, directed by Huck Melnick
Love isn’t blind, it’s just extremely shortsighted. In this tale of unrequited love, Daniel, a gourmet chef turned screenwriter, does his best to win the heart of Stella, a street performer and his muse. But Stella seems coyly determined to remain an object of desire, teasing Daniel – and the audience.

The Agent directed Lesley Manning
It’s all in a day’s work for high-flying literary agent Alexander; manuscripts to read, deals to be done, celebrity clients to be taken out to lunch… but first there is an author to deal with whose latest book the agent thinks is, frankly, not up to scratch. However he hadn’t counted on the author’s resourcefulness…

With events like Secret Cinema a big draw I’m sure this will be a sell out event so book your tickets now – priced at £10.50 they are already on sale on the picturehouse website and for more info you can follow the Ritzy Jukebox on twitter or facebook

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