Reasons to be Creative – London

20 February 2015, Old Street, London

Most of us can’t wait for Friday! However if you are a designer, developer, coder or other creative soul around London, you have an extra reason to look forward to Friday 20 February. Reasons to be Creative is coming to Old Street.

‘Reasons’, in all its forms, has been around for many years now. During that time it has established itself as a conference bringing together the best speakers of the industry, yet keeping a very friendly and informal vibe. This one day is set to fulfil these expectations too. The lineup of six speakers is a must especially for app developers and anyone interested in digital design for mobile devices. And in this day and age, who isn’t?

For more information about the speakers and tickets go to or follow @reasons. Front Row Reviews will be reporting from this event, so see you there!

Reasons to be Creative London

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