Popular Casino Scenes in Movies

If there is one type of scene that shows a fancy world that can be relived in the real life it is that of a casino scene, this is because in the movies or casinos are filled with beautiful people in their best dresses. When you visit a real casino filled with people who are enjoying themselves the atmosphere comes through in the same way as in the movies. There have been so many different casino scenes in movies that most people’s idea of a casino comes from the cinema.

One of the best films in order to incorporate a casino into it is definitely The Rain Man, as this is an intelligent film with an emotional plot that uses a casino scene in order to bomb the two main characters. This is because Raymond who has a mental handicap can count and remember cards to incredible numbers and so they use this to their advantage in order to win lots of money at a casino blackjack table. Funnily enough this scene was parodied in a recent film called The Hangover, where the main cast to almost the exact same thing in order to win $10,000 in order to pay for their friend to be released. In the end both films end up with the characters having to find a scapegoat in order to walk out the casino with their winnings.

If you think of casinos like jackpotcity.co.uk/mobile-casino often times there will be one series of films that comes to mind straight away and that is of course James Bond. Stood there in a tuxedo with martini in one hand and a set of craps dice in the other. James Bond is appeared in numerous casino scenes including those found in of course Casino Royal, and Thunderball.

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