Percy Jackson’s Logan Lerman Looks Set To Become Spider-Man

After Sony Pictures clashed with Sam Raimi over their respective visions for Spider-Man 4 Raimi left the project, taking Tobey Maguire with him and leaving the studio to start a fresh with the franchise. The studio then decided a reboot was in order and wasted no time bringing in (500) Days Of Summer director Mark Webb to helm the 3-D picture.

It now appears that Webb has found his Peter Parker, and it’s one of the early favourites for the role – Logan Lerman. The 18 year-old is, according to HitFix, “almost 100% locked” although the parties are yet to enter into contract negotiations. The news shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise as the young Percy Jackson star will play a High School aged Spidey, who must juggle girls, homework and crime-fighting.

So nothing’s certain yet but it would appear Lerman has beaten out the likes of Anton Yelchin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and The Zefron (TM) to nab the role. Webb will start production later this year with a paltry $80million budget with a release date scheduled for July 3rd 2012. Personally I think Sony couldn’t have gone far wrong holding back a few years and casting Bill Milner, that kid can act and has the perfect look for the role…but hey, I don’t make films, I just write about them.

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