Paranormal Activity 4 confirmed for 2012

The Hollywood Reporter have confirmed that there will be a Paranormal Activity 4 in 2012 although few other details are known about the third sequel in the horror franchise.

Whilst most outlets are reporting on he success of the Paranormal Activity films, it is quite clear that if they are made on a minimum budget, they were bound to bring in some big money for Paramount and the producers.

Paranormal Activity 3 grossed $202.2 million worldwide — besting the first two films, whic is unusual for a third outing.

The first film cost $15,000 to produce and opened in a limited run in September 2009 before going on to gross $193.4 million worldwide.

Keep following to find out more as it happens on the newest film in the franchise. What do you think about yet another sequel, do you think they are trying to replicate the success of series’ such as Saw and Final Destination? I suppose the question is, do you think they can?

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