Parallel Lines is a Gift to bidding Studios

A little while ago Front Row Reviews received a mysterious piece of promotional publicity for Parallel Lines, a series of short films produced by Ridley Scott Associates for the electronics company Phillips to showcase their televisions. Well, you can now view the mini features yourself. All five clips feature the same dialogue, which appears to revolve around a unicorn. Some were fairly literal in their presentation, whilst others took more obscure routes…



But one short in particular has garnered rather impressive attention. Two studios are reportedly in the middle of a tussle as to who will gain the rights to Carl Erik Rinsch’s piece in hopes of adapting it into a full length feature. The film in question, The Gift, plays like a cross between Bourne and I, Robot and shows off some spectacular visuals. It’s little wonder that both Fox and Warners are after it; the mysterious box is clearly worth dying for.

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