New trailer for Everyone’s Going To Die

A debut feature from ‘Jones’, Everyone’s Going to Die is an indie comedy with a romantic twist. It has been screened to audience acclaim at festivals across the world, and following a successful crowd-funding campaign, ‘Jones’, and BAFTA winning producer Kelly Broad, are pleased to announce its theatrical release, and share with you the all new trailer.

The film is starring superstar German actress Nora Tschirner and British Discovery Rob Knighton, playing two lost souls who meet in a seaside town and form an unusual mysterious connection that defies the conventional romantic comedy. A screen debut for Rob Knighton, he is known for his recent transition from Shoreditch carpet fitter to international fashion model at age 50, and also stars alongside David Beckham as the face of a H&M campaign this year.

Everyone’s Going To Die is released in cinemas June 26th

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