New Spiderman Photo Revealed

The first official photo of the new Spider-man, played by Brit actor Andrew Garfield of recent Social Network fame, has found its way onto the big wide web. Looking sullen and soiled, the new acrobatic, arachnid superhero looks set to take on a much darker tone than Sam Raimi’s original version did.

The suit is notably darker in shade (although it is night-time after all), and the famous Spider logo appears to have undergone a change as well, ditching the symmetrical spider design for a gritty, misshapen silhouette that looks as if it’s come straight off a graffiti stencilled back-alley wall.

But die hard comic book fans needn’t worry too much. Spidey hasn’t gone completely off the rails and veered into angsty Twilight territory just yet, he’s still you’re friendly neighbourhood hero. Just look at the geeky schoolboy backpack slung over his shoulder – Peter Parker the nerd lives on!

Expect to see Garfield and co-stars Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen, Sally Field and more web-sling onto the big screen in summer 2012.

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  1. mark thomas

    the new spider man looks alot betta looks more darker and more mysteriouse just like a super hero should look i just hope he is as good as the original spider man and i hope they bring in some of the original villans from the spidey series like lizard man and king pin

  2. kammya

    not a good looking one i guess!..he’s thin, but what can i do!..hope he’s a great actor as the original!..maybe buff him up a bit i say!..tnx..


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