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Avatar, the most anticipated film of the year hits UK cinemas on 18 December. It comes from director James Cameron, whose last movie was the record-breaking Titanic in 1997. Avatar is a science fiction film telling the story of the mysterious blue superior humanoid race of Na’vi who populate the planet Pandora and follows the progress of Jake (Sam Worthington) as he joins the Na’vi and becomes involved in their battle to defend against human attack. Using pioneering stereoscopic 3D technology Avatar is a mixture of motion-capture animation, CGI and live action and promises to herald a new generation of 3D films.

As part of the publicity machine that’s being built up for Avatar 21st August was dedicated ‘Avatar Day’ and hundred of cinemas around the globe showed a 19 minute clip, including an introduction by James Cameron. Personally I found that the amazing 3D graphics and incredible attention to detail were so improved on what we have today that any fast movement came across as slightly blurred as there’s almost too many layers on screen to be able to focus. The plot and characters seem well developed and I predict it will easily out gross Titanic. Whether Cameron will get another Oscar for Best Picture remains to be seen.

A 2 Minute teaser trailer was released to coincide with Avatar Day but a new HD trailer has just been released – although bootleg subtitled copies of the international version were leaked online yesterday.

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