Mark Strong cast as The Green Lantern’s Sinestro

Comic book fans rejoiced when news arrived that The Green Lantern would be coming to the big screen with the perennially under-appreciated Ryan Reynolds playing the hero of the piece, Hal Jordan. The film, which begins shooting in March, already has Blake Lively attached as love interest Carol Ferris and An Education‘s Peter Sarsgaard as the villainous Hector Hammond.

News comes today via DC Comics’ Geoff Johns’ twitter account that Mark Strong will officially be playing Sinestro, arguably The Green Lantern’s greatest adversary throughout the comics. Strong seems to be the first choice in Hollywood when casting bad guys right now, securing this role which Jackie Earl Haley was also widely linked with. Sinestro may play a smaller role in the Martin Campbell’s first installment with the character likely to play a bigger part in the franchise should the 2011 release prove to be a success.

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