Lynch’s ‘Mulholland Dr’ to return?

David Lynch has divided (and confused) much of his audience over the years, surrealist extraordinaire or closet Hollywood wannabe? All you have to do is look at this man’s long list of works from films including ‘Blue Velvet’ and ‘Wild at Heart’, a cult TV show, short films, Interview Project, art, books, music, a daily weather report and a production company, Absurdia.

Lynch, for me, is a creative wet dream – you know you enjoy it but the circumstances in which you find yourself are never particularly suitable (and you don’t really wish to admit it either)!

In 1990 Lynch brought Twin Peaks to television screens and although it only lasted two years, during it’s first season on ABC, it was a ratings winner. Huge amounts of people pondered over the murder of local teenage school girl, Laura Palmer and the odd ways in which the town that she grew up in worked. From the Log Lady to The Giant to The Red Room and The Man from Another Place all the way to the thrilling finale and the face off between BOB and Kyle MacLachlan’s character, Agent Dale Cooper.

Since Twin Peaks, Lynch has repeatedly acheived aclaim but his biggest success in recent times was the 2001 Oscar nominated (Best Director) Mulholland Dr, which gained Lynch the Prix de la Mise en Scene award at the Cannes Film Festival in France. The film stared a new starlet who we all know as Naomi Watts and her co-star Laura Harring. The film, which dealt with some of Lynch’s biggest themes including identity, audience and acting, followed Betty Elms (Watts) and Rita (Harring) as they try to find out what happened to Rita during and after a car accident on the famous Mulholland Drive.

The film, which originally started out as a new television pilot for Lynch, was half recorded with an open ending in case the show was picked up. Once executives rejected the cut they were shown, Lynch filmed the second half and make the full feature but since the original release critics and viewers alike have still wondered over some of the questions that the film leaves us with.

Known for never giving anything away and never explaining his films, the director famously gave ten clues to the film which however pointed and explained they are, still leave the audience constantly questioning. What was Club Silencio? What about the conversations between director Adam Kesher (Justin Theroux) and The Cowboy? And what of the girl-on-girl action throughout the second half of the film?

But as with every good story, and an abstract one at that, a little time is left for the dust to settle before it is picked up again. Despite being mentioned, no project of Lynch is clear or straight-forward as shown in a recent interview with Laura Harring at Miami NBC.  She has recently revealed the director’s plans to revive the story: “I’m very sure it’s coming, it’s being born. I cannot really tell you how I know.”

Telepathy? Guess work? Or the most mysterious of them all… a conversation? However she knows, the news of a sequel to one of (in my opinion) best films of the last decade is pretty exciting. H0w will the story continue, will it pick up where the first left off or will the connection simply be the title? Many of his loyal followers hope that Lynch doesn’t ruin this amazing film, but what is the likelihood of that?

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