Kutcher to join Two and a Half Men?

Forget Cannes, the world of television has conjured up some interesting news of late. According to recent reports, film star Ashton Kutcher looks set to return to the small screen as a replacement for Charlie Sheen on the hugely successful sitcom Two and a Half Men.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this year, you’ll have heard all about Sheen’s ‘big-winning’ streak, or rather his very public meltdown that lead to his quitting/firing (we’re still not sure where to draw the line) from his lucrative role in the sitcom. Before all the controversy Sheen was one of the highest paid actor’s on American television, with an estimated pay of $1.8 million dollars per episode.

It is unknown how Kutcher will fit into the program, which previously revolved around Sheen’s character (also named Charlie) living with divorced brother (John Cryer) and nephew. Kutcher found fame in the late 90’s for his role on another sitcom, That 70’s Show, long before becoming known for his overly-shouty presenting work on MTV series Punk’d. Nowadays he’s become equally as famous for his banal Twitterings along with wife Demi Moore. Can Kutcher save Two and Half Men from the gallows, or is this just prolonging the inevitable?

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