James Cameron: “Broadcasting is the future of 3D”

Avatar director James Cameron is forming the Cameron-Pace Group with Vince Pace, with whom he developed the Fusion 3D camera system used for his 2009 film.

The venture is a rebranding of PACE, the company that offers the Fusion camera system, and as THR reports, “aims to develop, sell and lease 3D production technology to filmmakers, broadcasters and game manufacturers”.

Speaking at the National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas earlier today, Cameron announced the venture and said, “broadcasting is the future of 3D”. Pace, CEO of the Group as well as Cameron’s co-chairman, spoke of a 3- to 5-year business model that will facilitate 2D and 3D broadcasting under one cost effective production method: “The business model has to evolve to a single crew, single mobile production (for 2D and 3D) … We need to get the manufacturers on board. (Cameras) need to be compact, mobile and cost effective.”

Pace also stresses the importance of producing entertainment: “The entertainment level has to have that gold standard. If you compromise that, we are definitely heading in the wrong direction.”

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