Inside Out: more than just a blockbuster hit

Pixar’s most recent hit, Inside Out, is more than just a hit on the movie screen. Have you taken your kids to see this movie yet? They say it’s probably the best way to educate children about how to manage their emotions up in ‘headquarters’. Don’t be surprised if the only ones bawling their eyes out turn out to be adults in the end though! This movie speaks to everyone coming from all ages, and we’re glad that Pixar took the lead in helping us help our kids figure out the nitty-gritty of our emotional selves.

We’ll let you do the deciding about how good the movie is and we don’t want to get you all worked up again so let’s turn to a bit of fun instead. Inside Out fans can also enjoy playing casual games. Much like the movie, these games attract a child-friendly audience of all ages. It’s a great time killer for both kids and adults who are looking for some innocent game play. Play Riley and/or her emotions in a variety of different puzzle games. Decorate Riley’s room, take ‘sadness’ to the dentist, test your memory, figure out what and where those hidden letters are or have simple fun popping some of Riley’s colorful thought bubble memories.

While most of these games aren’t going to make you ponder about the role emotions play in your every day life and the decisions you take, and they probably won’t make you want to cry the way the movie did, some can get a bit frustrating (in a good way!). Take the thought-bubble game as an example. This game is particularly addictive, if you ask me. It’s a typical arcade game based on shooting same-colored thought bubbles to win points. Sometimes you have to dodge your way around, angling your shots strategically to get to the write bunch. It’s equally cute too since Riley’s there to assist you and it’s a lot of fun watching her emotions change every time you miss or win a shot.

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