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The announcement three weeks ago that a full-on Alan Partridge movie was in the works was met by fans with a mixture of thrill and trepidation. In a perfect world, nothing could be more awesome than a feature-length dose of perhaps the most iconically awkward character (and assuredly one of the most loved) in the history of British culture. On the other hand, the likes of Mr Bean and Ali G have taught us to dread movie spinoffs of successful comic telly.

The one potential saving grace is Armando Ianucci, creator of (among other masterpieces) the titular tit of I’m Alan Partridge (and Knowing Me, Knowing You. And The Day Today). The highly talented writer and satirist managed to produce a more-than-passable movie version of The Thick of It with In the Loop, and if lightning strikes twice the Partridge movie could be just as delightful as the television programmes.

In related news, having lambasted the BBC for the last 20 years, Alan is finally leaving the public broadcaster. Sky Atlantic, investing for a change in UK comedy, will be presenting two hour-long Alan Partridge specials and a re-cut version of his online series, Mid Morning Matters. Happily, then, even if the film’s a disaster, at least there’ll be a great box-set to buy instead.

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