Grave Encounters Trailer released on the Web

After the success of  the Paranormal Activity films, fans of horror movies have been eagerly anticipating the release of the trailer for up and coming film Grave Encounters, and will unlikely be disappointed. Set in the supposedly abandoned Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital, the film follows a production team who are filming for the fictional Grave Encounters television programme. Naturally, the Hospital is not quite as abandoned as expected, and mysterious and terrifying consequences occur…

Falling into the found-footage category of horror which some critics feared was becoming obsolete after the negative response of films such as The Zone, Grave Encounters looks like a promising release. Filmed in the hand held shaky style that such films would expect with the grainy quality of image, the film seems to utilise tense silences and the automatically eerie setting to its advantage. With a seemingly deliberate nod to The Blair Witch Project by having an individual standing in the corner, Grave Encounters has the potential to fall into the series of films which use believability and suspense to create fear amongst its audiences. A first film from a team named ‘The Vicious Brothers’ it remains to be seen whether the film will live up to its promising trailer!

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