Gleeks rejoice for 3D Movie

Calling all Gleeks around the globe, the cast of the hit FOX TV show are ready to sprinkle some of that small-screen magic at the movies, as they announce the release of their 3D live tour.

All 14 original cast members are set to feature in the film, entitled Glee! Live! 3D!, while Matthew Morrison and ruthless cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester, played by Jane Lynch will be seemingly absent in the movie.

Producer and Glee creator Ryan Murphy insists that this isn’t another generic replica tour-turned-movie experience locking in on the Justin Bieber 3D success. He explains that this is a gift to all the loyal fans worldwide that didn’t get a chance to attend the tour. Murphy adds: “We’ll be able to bring the concert experience in full three-dimensional glory.”

Lea Michele who plays Rachel Berry on musical drama series yesterday admitted that she has her fears with going 3D, telling E! News how it will make her nose appear larger. She said: “My nose is gonna be insane. People are gonna put on those glasses, and I feel bad for them.”

The Twentieth Century Fox Film is set for a two-week release in America from August 12- August 25 this summer. Who’s! Like! Super! Excited!?

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