Film & Philosphy Screenings – Looking In, Looking Out

28th June – 5th July 2012
@ Conway Hall, Holborn, London

A very unique series of films screenings and talks have been running in London at Conway Hall since last week.

Looking In, Looking Out: is an innovative series of screenings, workshops and talks, in which modern and classic cinema is examined and enjoyed in a philosophical context.

From Casablanca to the films of the Coen brothers, via Spiderman and Seventh Seal they will be looking at some of the most powerful ideas and enduring philosophical themes both on and off screen.

Exploring free will, identity and consciousness; examining how we define beauty, truth and the nature of morality; our talks and panel discussions will unpack the meaning of art, reflect on what philosophy can add to our understanding of the movies and ultimately ask: what is film for?

There are still a few days left to attend. Highlights over the next 3 days include:

Tuesday 3rd:
1830 Bidisha leads a high-kicking whirl through Hollywood history and a celebration of the brilliant women who co-founded Hollywood, with film experts, critics, Old Hollywood fans and film lovers Jenny Hammerton, Muriel Zagha, Pamela Hutchinson and Kira Cochrane.

2000 Sunset Boulevard (1950) Gloria Swanson’s career-defiing performance in Billy Wilder and Charles Brackett’s Oscar-winning tragic tale of a star in decline. As much a reflection on the idea of Hollywood itself, as it is on love and loss.

Thursday 5th:
1830 They Live (1988), John Carpenter’s homage to the sci-fi B-movies of an earlier age, in which an all-American construction worker happens across a find that changes his experience of reality forever.

2015 Eraserhead (1977) David Lynch’s baffling, surrealist breakthrough film, a mysterious immersion into the mind of another that demonstrates the power of film to reveal the world as much more weird and uncanny than we usually experience it.

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