Film 2010 Co-hosts and new format announced

After the announcement back in that the new Film 2010 host is to be Claudia Winkleman, many were sceptical of her suitability for the role, not really coming from a  film background. However most sceptics will be happy with the BBC’s announcement that she will be given a co-host, in the form of guardian film blogger Danny Leigh. Also announced was that Empire writer Chris Hewitt will also be joining the team, doing video reports, and Financial Times film critic Antonia Quirke will also be on board.

The BBC’s long running film programme has always been a one man show up until now, with past hosts including Barry Norman and Jonathan Ross, so it will be interesting to see how this format change will affect the programme.  In the interactive digital age it seems there are a number of other changes to the format, including the fact that it will be broadcast live, and Winkleman and Leigh will be joined by actors and guests in the studio rather than the usual pre-recorded interviews.

The new show will launch to coincide with this year’s London Film Festival in October and is set to be aimed at a much younger generation as “The show will also offer viewers the chance to join in the debate through the show’s Facebook page and Twitter.” So what do you think? Would the Beeb have done better to stick to a solo presenter and the old pre-recorded format or will this new show do much to improve their arts audience?

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  1. James Fortune

    Sorry guys but, having seen the show a couple of times, I’m switching off my Series Link. I’m not watching it any more which is a shame as I’ve seen it from the beginning – 1984?

    The format has always been tight, pithy and to the point delivered by someone who loves and knows film. Willing to damn as well as to praise.

    But now, the format has been “modernised” so that the yuff of today who have no ability to concentrate can “contribute” on Twitter and other nonsense! Who cares what ScruufyOik34 thinks about Cats and Dogs! Goodness!

    And I’m sorry but over-made up Claudia Winkleman and the other chap just ramble on cluelessly in this “live” show and the “live” interviews are as chaotic as anyone with a brain would have predicted.

    What a terrible shame! 🙁


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