Eva Green’s Rise To Fame

Born: Eva Gaëlle Green
, 5 July 1980 (age 33), 
Paris, France
Occupation: Actress, model
Years active: 2003–present

With a number of high profile film appearances set for 2014, Eva Green is on the cusp of joining the A-list. The 33 year old beauty has previously had a string of highly successful roles in films such as The Dreamers, Casino Royale and Ridley Scott’s Kingdom of Heaven, to name but a few. That being said, it’s her forthcoming screen appearances that have got fans and pundits excited, particularly her roles in the anticipated 300: Rise of an Empire movie and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

These roles will no doubt be huge for the talented actress, and whilst she won’t be up for any nominations at the Oscars 2014, we can only assume that she’ll be in line for awards in 2015.

First film appearance

Eva Green’s film debut was in 2002, when she was cast for the role of Isabelle in Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Dreamers. Her performance gained her a number of fans in the press, who compared her to Liv Tyler for her ability to enthuse the viewer. Her appearance made a lasting mark, despite the controversial nature of the film that featured incestuous undertones and full frontal nudity.

Kingdom of Heaven

Eva’s next big move was securing the role of Sibylla of Jerusalem in Kingdom of Heaven, directed by the prolific Ridley Scott. Despite an all star cast and massive budget, the film was widely thought to be a failure. Green’s performance was however commended, even though her sub-plot was heavily cut.

Casino Royale and the Rising Star award

The true making of her career came when she was cast last minute as Vesper Lynd, the femme fatale of the blockbuster Bond film Casino Royale. Her performance was nothing short of remarkable, playing the lead villain’s bodyguard to icy perfection. She subsequently went on to win a BAFTA Rising Star award.

Perhaps one of her most talked about appearances is the forthcoming Showtime television series, Penny Dreadful. Set in Victorian London, the haunting drama series follows a number of prolific characters from Gothic classics such as Frankenstein and Dracula, as well as Dorian Gray. The trailer, which was recently premièred, can be viewed here. Eva has one of the central roles in the show, being the main female character. Judging by previous Showtime productions we can assume there will be a significant amount of violence and nudity!

So there’s the low-down on the beautiful and talented Eva Green. 2014 looks set to be her year.

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