Emma Watson is crowned highest paid actress in Hollywood

emma-watson-201289Known by many muggles as Hermione Granger, Emma Watson hit the headlines this week as news emerged of her reigning above hollywood heavy weights such as Angelina Jolie for being the highest paid actress at a young age. Not even 20 years old yet, Emma netted herself a very cool £10 million for her filming the latest two films in the Potter series, keeping her busy for most of last year.

A lot of news reports are saying that Emma Watson has got this status at such a young age because of her history at prestigious Brown University in America, as well as being the face of luxury clothing brand Burberry.

So there you have it, if you’re still in your teens, get into a decent university, do a bit of modelling, and maybe you could be the next Emma Watson clutching a nice Burberry purse (that you didnt pay for).

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