Disney’s Prom rumored for part 2

As we anticipate the release of Disney’s latest teen movie Prom, hitting American theatres this Friday, it’s been reported that writer Katie Wech has been given the green light to write the PG Prom sequel.

The Hollywood Reporter suggests that depending on the box office success of the film’s April 29th release, Disney will commission Wech to write the second series in the teen-tastic franchise.  While the other possibility remains that she will write an entirely new movie for the studio, aimed at the same young audience.

Prom will undoubtedly be a hit among hoards of American youngsters, as it chronicles the most important event in their annual calendar. Choosing the hottest dress and the hunkiest dates for the most awesomest dance is like OMG, the biggest deal!

The romantic-comedy directed by Joe Nussbaum features a relatively unknown cast, and should they all return for the rumoured part-two, filming would be completed in time to coincide with the 2012 prom season.

We Brits still have time to get our corsages ready for Prom, because we’re unfortunately waiting till June 3rd to get our slice of American Pie.

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