Disney upsets cinemas with Alice in Wonderland 12 week cinema to DVD release gap

I remember the days when you would literally have to wait years after its cinema release before you could by a film on VHS from the shops. But as the digital age is upon us this time has slowly got shorter and shorter and the current shortest standard time frame for a film to go from cinema to DVD/Blu-Ray is 122 days or roughly 4 months. This morning Disney have caused upset by announcing that they want to release Alice in Wonderland on DVD just 12 weeks after its theatrical release date. Cinemas in the US have yet to respond but the UK cinemas have backlashed against Disney’s decision and Odeon and Vue have pulled trailers and posters from their cinemas and stopped taking bookings for the film.

However Disney aren’t the only studio to go for this approach. Last year Paramount did the same with G I Joe releasing it three months after its cinema release in America (but wating the full 122 days in the UK) angering American cinema exhibitors again, and Sony are also going to be doing so Stateside with Did you meet the Morgans. However Alice in Wonderland is seen as a much bigger and more of a money making release that could run in theatres for much longer and is one of the first big releases to announce that it will also do so in the UK as well as in America. If you look at American release dates for other upcoming relases it seems like this will now be standard practice there and even if the UK cinemas Vue and Odeons rebellion does manage to extend the date I’m sure it wont be long before this also becomes commonplace practice here.

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  1. Darren

    It’s about time that the time frame got shorter for releasing things to DVD/Blu-Ray.

    Just because it’s on Blu-Ray/DVD doesn’t mean people wont go and see it in the cinema as not everyone has a 200″ HD digital TV set in their living room (and even if they did have Blu-Ray would struggle to show a HD picture at such scale anyway).

    This is really good though for people like my mum, she wants to go and see this film however she is unable to go to the cinema as it gets her claustrophobia going, also as she has very severe arthritis she is unable to sit in the cinema seats for a few hours watching a film as she probably wouldn’t be able to get back up again.

    It is brilliant news for all the disabled people out there who are unable to go into a cinema and who can now watch it sooner on home without having everyone else going to see it in the cinema first and then spoiling the film for them by telling them the story.

    Hopefully soon films will be there to watch on our tv at the same time as they come out in the cinema.

    It will also reduce pirating rates as most people pirate films (especially in the UK) because they don’t want to wait so long to be able to watch the film in their own home without the disruptions in the cinema like kids throwing popcorn, people’s mobiles going off, etc.

    Even though this film is coming out in 12 weeks I’ll go and see it in the cinema anyway as I’m really looking forward to seeing it in IMAX 3D something that can’t possibly be replicated at home (unless you have as much money as Bill Gates!)


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