DiCaprio in Creed of Violence?

Leonardo DiCaprio could be in line to play a role in the upcoming western The Creed of Violence. The feature is to be helmed by Little Children director Todd Field, and is based on a novel of the same name by author Boston Teran.

According to the LA Times, unnamed sources  have linked DiCaprio to the film, which would follow the figure of Rawbone, a criminal who aims to cross the American border into Mexico with a heap of weaponry to help the 1910 revolution. However, Rawbone is caught out by the Bureau of Investigation and is forced to go undercover with an agent named John Lourdes as it’s revealed that the two men have a secret, interlocking past.

Whilst it is not known which role the Shutter Island star is up for, it’s not the first time Dicaprio has been linked to the wild west. He is additionally set to star in the Quentin Tarrantino project Django Unchained, whilst he first donned a cowboy hat and spurs in Sam Raimi’s The Quick and the Dead when he was still a fresh faced up-and-comer in 1995.

With no official announcement yet to be made, and DiCaprio’s schedule already looking pretty busy, you’ll have to wait and see if its gunfights at dawn (again) for the 36 year old star.

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