Daniel Radcliffe And Life After Harry Potter

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe speaks about his life after playing protagonist Harry Potter for 8 movies over 12 years. Kill Your Darlings, an American drama released October of this year is the most recent role the 24 year old has starred in and he plays Allen Ginsburg, a leading figure of the Beat Generation after the Second World War who changed the landscape of writing forever.

“There are some things that are challenging but they are always the most fun”, said Radcliffe.

“We filmed nine scenes a day so the time pressure was challenging but I think that added to the vitality.”

The film is a biographical film based on four writers, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Lucien Carr, William Burroughs and the malicious death of David Kammerer. Back in in 2008, Radcliffe auditioned for the part of Ginsburg and was successful.

Having lost the finances to fund the film, when director John Krokidas started production on the film again, Radcliffe was offered the role of Ginsberg again.

Radcliffe said he was ‘over the moon’ when he was told that the film was back on and wanted to be the main protagonist in the movie.

“It is best to never give up on something.

“I had a good experience auditioning with John and I knew he wanted me for the part.”

He said a lot of people would be able to relate to the character Allen Ginsberg,

“Allen Ginsberg is the eyes of the audience”, he said. “He develops from a teen to an adult.

“He is a sympathetic character and I got to understand him. I wanted to capture that in the film. People think of poets as grumpy old men, but this group of guys have a lot of fun.”

Radcliffe also speaks about playing his new role and the stepping out of his Harry Potter association:

 “When you are coming out of a big franchise you want to make sure people want you for the right reason, want you for acting not just for film finances”, he said. “The jobs I have got so far have been wide ranging.”

Adding on, Radcliffe says he is also happy to leave his Harry Potter days behind him:

“I do not miss playing the character or feel nostalgic.

“Starting afresh, going on to a set not knowing anyone, that’s fun and exciting.

“Going to America was a big deal for me.”

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