Craven To Make Us Scream For The Fourth Time

Wes Craven, whose new film My Soul To Take will the first since 1994’s New Nightmare that he will both write and direct, is now planning to bring Scream back to our screens more than a decade after it’s last installment. Craven will direct Kevin Williamson’s scripts whilst he’s also managed to attract the franchise’s original stars back to the project, so Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courteney Cox Arquette will be starring alongside a younger cast.

It’s pleasing to here this will be a new installment of the franchise, rather than a remake or a reboot – and with Craven helming you’d expect this would be, at the very worst, a notable addition to the franchise, and at the very best, revitalise a flagging genre the way it’s predecessor did back in 1996. Hopefully, this time around, the winks and nods to horror classics will still be present as well as that biting sense of humour which this time has a wealth of sub-standard horror remakes to sink it’s satirical teeth into. Scream 4 will be made by Dimension Films and should start shooting this Spring.

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  1. tHeZeP

    Wes Craven will not be writing Scream 4. Original writer Kevin Williamson of Scream and Scream 2 will pen the script for Scream 4. Hopefully Williamson and craven will bring back what was lost in the poor scream 3 which was penned by ehren kruger. Wes will direct.

  2. Joe Cunningham

    Sorry, my bad, read he had written the new Nightmare on Elm Street and got a little confused. Has been amended, thank you for picking me up on it.


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