Claudia Winkleman to host Film 2010

According to a BBC press release former This Morning presenter Claudia Winkleman has been announced as the host of the next series of Film 2010, taking over from Jonathan Ross who is leaving all his BBC roles. This is quite a surprise as the bookies favourite by a mile was Mark Kermode with other top picks including Graham Norton, Charlie Brooker and Andrew Collins.

Winkleman is most recognised for her roles presenting on TV including Strictly Come Dancing and This Morning so it comes as quite a surprise to see her hosting a film criticism show. However she has covered the Oscars on Sky a few times so she is not a complete unknown to the film world and also has her own weekly ‘Arts Show’ on BBC Radio 2 on Friday nights which does cover film.

At the mornings announcement Claudia said “Everyone has an opinion on film and I’m looking forward to debating the biggest news and releases with a whole variety of guests each week. I am completely over the moon about being given this enormous honour and am incredibly proud to be to be presenting the new look Film 2010. It’s an honour to follow on from the brilliant Jonathan Ross. I have been lucky enough to cover the BAFTAs and present the UK broadcasts of the Oscars and the Golden Globes for years and now to be able to work with the producers on Film 2010 is just amazing.”

So what do you reckon? Is Claudia up to the job or would you have prefered someone with  a much more comprehensive film background?

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  1. Ian Smith

    This shows that the BBC just want to dumb down the programme. Anybody who’s been unfortunate enough to see the woman interviewing celebrities on the red carpet at BAFTA knows that she just isn’t up to the job. When the only question you can think to ask is “Who are you wearing?” (again and again and again) and you haven’t done even the most basic bit of film research it’s obvious you are NOT any kind of successor to either Barry Norman or Jonathan Ross.

  2. Pete Thornton

    The BBC are such losers – why do they think people want to see a professional TV presenter in charge of these types of programmes? I think all film fans would much rather have somebody with some credibility in the film world to be passing out judgement on new films, not a ‘one size fits all’ type of presenter.

    To be honest i’m just glad that they didn’t pick Richard Hammond, he seems to be their new golden boy at the moment and presenting all sorts of programmes he has no authority on.

    Jonathan Ross was bad enough, but Claudia… jesus christ, come on chaps we pay for this ****, why can’t you just do the right thing for a change. We are not all celebrity obsessed, i would much rather have someone who knows what they are talking about even if you had to sacrifice a bit of presenting skill. Its surely worth it… wake up auntie!

  3. James

    Oh Please. Can’t the BBC find someone with a braincell to present this program. Remember what it is supposed to be – good critique of films. Or did you forget that in the midst of time…

    Dear BBC. If you don’t stop dumming down, then people like me will be gunning for massive constraint on the BBC for lower licence fee. And then you’ll have lost the fight.

  4. Simon Sykes

    She has proven to be a sharp presenter, with a good knowledge of film and a lively style. An improvement on Mr Ross, and well worth watching.


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