UPDATE: Chris Evans IS Captain America

It appears that after a protracted casting process that Chris Evans (Sunshine, Push, Not Another Teen Movie) has been offered the role of Steve Rogers in Marvel’s The First Avenger: Captain America. We reported a few weeks back that the likes of John Krasinski and a host of other small screen stars had tested for the part, but evidently none made the grade. The latest rumours suggested the favourites were Evans, Ryan Phillipe, Channing Tatum and Gossip Girl’s Sebastian Stan, however, it now appears that Evans has ben given the nod.

Nothing is concrete yet, Evans must contemplate whether he wants to commit to a reportedly nine-picture deal (Marvel have big plans for their Avengers) while the offer made to Evans has room for improvement. Evans has of course already played a superhero for Marvel – The Human Torch in the brace of turgid Fantastic 4 movies – so it will be interesting to see how the fan-boys react to this news. Hopefully there will be some confirmation soon, but nothing’s guaranteed with screen tests still being conducted by the comic book studio.

UPDATE: Chris Evans has signed on the dotted line, he will be Captain America. Whether that will be for just the Captain America films, the Avengers spin-offs, or cameos in the movies of the other Avengers remains to be seen.

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