Bradley Cooper to star in ‘The Crow’ remake

He’s Hollywood’s hottest property right now, so it’s no surprise that blue-eyes Bradders is being perused for the role of a rock musician, in the remake of the 90s thriller The Crow.

It’s been reported by the Hollywood Reporter that The Hangover star is in negotiations with Relativity Media to secure the role, based on Alex Proyas’s 1994 comic-book adaption.

Cooper will reprise the role of Eric Draven which was originally played by Brandon Lee back in 1994 which infamously ended with the actor being killed on set during the last week of production.  Cooper will play the murdered musician who is resurrected by supernatural forces to seek revenge.

28 Weeks Later director Juan Carlo Fresnadillo is already on board to direct the fantasy thriller, along with The Fighter’s Tucker Tooley as the executive producer for The Crow, which is set to begin production last this year.

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