Borrowed Time’s unique release

From being the first in the UK to raise much of its P&A spend via its successful Kickstarter campaign, Parkville Pictures continues to find new and groundbreaking ways to directly distribute its acclaimed Phil Davis starring picture BORROWED TIME, the latest feature from Film London Microwave.

Due for theatrical release on September 13th, BORROWED TIME has since gained further support from the BFI’s “New Models Award” and is now set to pioneer new platforms, some of which have been inspired by Ted Hope’s Artist2Entrepreneur scheme.

BORROWED TIME will be the first UK release to use Tugg, Inc. (, the pioneering crowdsourcing platform that empowers individuals and organizations to host screenings in their local cinemas. Hosts are able to select the date, showtime and cinema of their choice, and are then provided an online event page through which their community can purchase tickets. Once a pre-set threshold of tickets has been booked, Tugg will reserve the cinema, manage ticketing and ensure delivery of the film, allowing the audience to sit back and enjoy the show.

Another partner of the A2E scheme involved in the release of BORROWED TIME is Assemble.  One of the leading innovators in film website technology, Assemble empowers film-makers to create a website that acts more than just an information source about the film.  It offers an online hub that aggregates all the ways people can see the film and be an active part in its distribution; by sharing the word via social plug-ins, embeddable trailers and hosting their own Tugg screening!

“Olivier [producer Olivier Kaempfer] and Jules [writer-director Jules Bishop] emerged not only with greater skills and knowhow from A2E, but they also forged the meaningful partnerships necessary to put together a truly innovative UK distribution plan” said Ted Hope, executive director of the San Francisco Film Society.  “Joining forces with Tugg and Assemble assures that BORROWED TIME will be an essential case study for all filmmakers—European or otherwise—who are considering outside-the-box distribution.”

BORROWED TIME is due for theatrical release on 13 September 2013, with a selected London and regional cinema roll-out before DVD, iTunes, Blinkbox, Sky Store and Sky Box Office releases on 23 September and FilmFlex on 1 October. Screenings can be set up through Tugg anytime from 13 September.

Parkville Pictures’ Kaempfer said “with such a saturated market, we quickly realised that to get Borrowed Time to the audience we believed it deserved, we were going to have to think creatively. We’re thrilled therefore to have gained so much fantastic support for our Distribution approach, and to be able to deliver the film to audiences on demand both on the big screen as well as on digital platforms.

Adrian Wootton, Chief Executive of Film London and the British Film Commission said: “Core to Microwave’s ethos is an entrepreneurial approach. We aim to discover and nurture talent, but throughout the entire process we also work to instil a keen commercial edge in our film-makers. Borrowed Time is a wonderful film of which we are very proud, and the innovative and brave approach to distribution is a credit to the film-makers Jules Bishop and Olivier Kaempfer as well as the flexible and supportive structure of the scheme.”

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