Avatar tops Mamma Mia to become highest UK grossing film ever

Avatar has over taken Mamma Mia to become Britains highest grossing film of all time. In 2007,  Mamma Mia took just under £70 million at the box office, but after just 7 weeks from its release  Avatar Film has generated nearly £2 million more at the box office.

No doubt James Cameron will be toasting to the success of the Avatar Film. What a shame Leona Lewis cant say the same about her awful theme song for the Avatar soundtrack. Better luck next time love.

If you havent seen it yet, Avatar tells the story of Jake Sully, a paraplegic war veteran, who is taken to the planet Pandora  which is inhabited by an indiginous tribe called the Na’vi. As Jake learns about the Na’vi, he realises their way of life is very different from that of a humans, and starts warming to them.

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