Avatar to return to UK cinemas, 27th August

James Cameron, the man behind the two highest grossing films in cinema history, has announced the specifics of his re-release of Avatar to the big screen.

The epic hits UK cinemas on the 27th August, solely in 3D and features an extra nine minutes of new footage. In an interview with MTV, Cameron said this ‘special edition’ featured more action and emotion coupled with the vivid colours from the initial release. We can only hope that these nine minutes have not been lifted from the editing room floor.

Having already taken over a whopping $2.7bn at the box office worldwide, it raises the question as to whether or not it can continue it’s success the second time round. Despite this, there is already a huge amount of anticipation for the release by those hardened fans as well as those who were unfortunate not to have seen it back in December.  Having described Avatar as “the bible”, it seems that Cameron is confident of his success once again.

There have also been announcements revealing that sequel novels to the film will be released in 2011 and later molded into scripts. It looks as if we haven’t seen the end of the Avatar brand yet and i think it’s safe to say that there’s likely to be some Na’vi costumes arriving at the box office at the end of the  month.

Release dates:

August 26 – Australia and Russia
August 27 – The UK, India and the US
September 8 – Belgium
September 16 – South Korea and Argentina
September 17 – Spain
October 15 – Mexico
October 16 – Japan

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