Angelina Jolie shines again at Paris Salt Premiere

After wowing her fans in a see through dress at London’s Salt Premiere, Angelina Jolie moved on to attend the Paris Premiere of the thriller dressed more seductively in a sparkly Pamella Roland dress.

With her cleavage doing its best, Jolie’s outfit was custom made for her shape and size, complimenting her tiny waist and broad shoulder line.
With so many premiere’s to attend, Jolie commented that her 6 children were ‘Igetting used to the glitz and glamour.

“I would bring them in early in the mornings…and id let them use fake blood…we play together, they try on my wigs – but they know its all silly!” She told the Daily Mail.

Salt tells the story of a CIA agent who goes on the run after a defector accuses her of being a Russian spy. The film was released yesterday.

She said: ‘I would bring them in early in the mornings…and I’d let them use the fake blood. So we play together, they try on my wigs, they play with the blood.

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