Ah Hoy Matey… Most pirated movies for 2010!

Today we live in a world where not everyone pays for their entertainment and a very large majority of popular audiences are knowledgable enough about where to look online for their movies, music and television shows. This is because they do not want to have to wait for their country to catch up or have to pay an admission fee/purchase their entertainment.

'Avatar' - The most pirated film of 2010

TorrentFreak.com has reported that the most pirated film of 2010 was James Cameron’s Avatar starring Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana and Sigourney Weaver with 16.58 million downloads on torrent provider, BitTorrent alone.

“Never before have we seen this many downloads of a movie in a single year. This honour previously belonged to last year’s winner Star Trek with 10,960,000 downloads, but Avatar quashed this previous record.

Earlier this year we already crowned Avatar as the most downloaded Blu-ray film ever, with 200,000 downloads in just 4 days. In the months that followed the number of Blu-ray downloads of Avatar have exceeded two million.”

Cameron has stated his belief in 3D as being the only way in which the film industry can tackle piracy, but these figures say different. Although the film was the most illegally obtained film of 2010, it still remains the biggest box office grossing film of all time, achieving $2.8 million, only beating Cameron’s Titanic for the top spot.

'Kick-Ass' came in at Number Three

Second and third place were held by Kick-Ass with11.4 million downloads and Inception with 9.7 million. Although when looking at the list, oddly enough two of this years most popular films, Toy Story 3 and Alice In Wonderland were missing from the Top 10.

The Top 10 most pirated films of 2010 according to TorrentFreak.com

1. Avatar – 16.58million
2. Kick-Ass – 11.4million
3. Inception – 9.7million
4. Shutter Island – 9.5million
5. Iron Man 2 – 8.8million
6. Clash Of The Titans – 8million
7. Green Zone – 7.7million
8. Sherlock Holmes – 7.16million
9. The Hurt Locker – 6.85million
10. Salt – 6.7million

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