A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas Plot Details

Now that Kal Penn’s completed his work with Barack Obama at the White House (true story) he’s free to return to his acting career, and more specifically, the Harold and Kumar franchise. He and John Cho will be bringing our favourite stoners back to the big screen for A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas in time for the holidays in 2011. The pair were last seen blazing up with the outgoing President George W Bush at the end of the last film, so it will be great to see them back for a third outing.

Although the regular writer-directors Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossenberg have jumped ship to direct American Pie 4, their script will still be used and it sounds hilarious. We revisit the pair ten years on where ‘Roldy is happily married but Kumar has just had his medical license suspended for smoking weed. Harold’s drug free, that is until Kumar drops by, burns down the Christmas tree and the pair embark on a road trip which will see them drink some psycho-tropic eggnog, flee a giant snowman and meet back up with the scene-stealing Neil Patrick Harris. Sounds awesome, wouldn’t you agree?

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