A possible delay on Zombieland 2

Ruben Fleischer‘s Zombieland was one of 2009’s most entertaining hits, mixing blood-splattered horror and geniue laugh out loud moments.  Therefore it’s a shame to hear that the sequel could be a long way off.

In a recent interview with Coming Soon, Ruben Fleischer stated: “I think the reality of it happening is getting less and less real. It’s just harder and harder every day, because everybody’s gotten really busy and the reality is that we’ve never had a script that we’ve all just fallen in love with. Until there’s a script that we all can say, ‘This is it,’ it’s more of an idea than an actual thing that we can work towards prioritizing and realizing.”

In the meantime Fleischer is reunited with Jesse Eisenberg in quirky comedy 30 Minutes or Less which will be released October 7th 2011. Also in pre-production is serious action drama The Gangster Squad, the true life story of how 1940s LAPD cracked down on local mobsters.

See the trailer for 30 Minutes or Less

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