12th BIFA Film Awards Roundup

Last night the 12th Annual BIFA (British Independent Film Awards) Ceremony took place. Most honoured was Sir Michael Caine, who won the prestigious Variety Award.

Moon, directed by Duncan Jones picked up the Best British Independent Film and also won the the best debut director award. The other film to win two awards was recent British social realist drama Fish Tank, winning Best Director for Andrea Arnold and Most Promising Newcomer for Katie Jarvis.

Among the other awards was my favourite film of the year In The Loop which won best screenplay, not really surprising considering the wonderful, if colourful, use of language in the film. Frontrows favourite film at the cinema at the moment, Bunny and the Bull also nabbed a gong for Best achievement in production.

The thing that may bemuse some is why on earth an awards ceremony for highlighting the best British independent films bothers to have a best foreign film category! Surely this makes the whole award ceremony seem pointless and simply a publicity device? (This year the award went to Let the Right One )

The full roundup of nomaintions and winners can be found here
and the BIFA ceremony marks the start of award season and has got me thinking about oscar predictions and nominations….

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