UKIFF’s First Overnight Screening – Friday 5th August 2011

Early next month sees the UKIFF‘s first overnight screening at the Apollo Cinema, showcasing a selection of entertaining and thought provoking Iranian films. The evening will start at 11.30pm with live music from Mr Adib and Mehdi Rostrami, before the audience gets comfortable for the night ahead. A wide variety of films are being screened, from fiction to documentary and a few shorts in between. The film choices have also been tailored to match the changing mood over the night and there will be coffee to hand for all audience members. The current line up of films is as below:

To be confirmed – Feature Film

Country / Year / Duration / dir. / Language

Short Synopsis – To be confirmed

Football, Spiritual Style – Documentary

Iran / 2009 / 52 mins / dir. Omid Abdollahi / Farsi with English subtitles

Short Synopsis – A documentary about the life and career of Gholam Peirovani, a football coach in Iran.

Garden Plan – Short Film / Documentary

Iran / 2010 / 5 mins / dir. Fahime Kazemi / no dialogue

Short Synopsis – Once documented and rhythmic method of making a traditional felt.

Melody of Birth – Short Film

Iran / 2010 / 6 mins / dir. Ali Attar / no dialogue

Short Synopsis – This short film is a poetic celebration of birth, relating a dream-like state of a woman giving birth to the omnipresent rhythm of the universe.

Cafe History – Short Film

Iran / 2010 / 16mins / dir. Sepehr Sharifzadeh / Farsi with English subtitles

Short Synopsis – A strange birthday party attended by the most eccentric people.

Cut – Short Film / Animation

Iran / 2004 / 6mins / dir. Parisa Aminelahi / Farsi with English subtitles

Short Synopsis – A short animation about a cockroach who tries to crawl out of the sink drain.

Kites Know no Chastity – Short Film

Iran/ 2008 / 30mins / dir. Hooshmand Varaei / Farsi with English subtitles

Short Synopsis – Betrayal and Punishment

Rough Cut – Documentary

Iran / 2007 / 22 mins / dir. Firouzeh Khosrovani / Farsi with English subtitles

Short Synopsis – The window displays of Tehran clothing shops catch the interest of the passerby who stop and linger.

And Life Went On – Short Film

UK / 2007 / 6mins / dir. Maryam Mohajer / Farsi with English subtitles

Short Synopsis – Tehran, Iran-Iraq war. At the sound of a siren all the neighbours from a building rush down to the shelter in the basement.

In My Secret Life! – Short Film

Iran / 2006 / 17mins / dir. Armin Ghobadi Pasha / Farsi with English subtitles

Short Synopsis – A young boy and girl relation leads to a short term marriage and divorce.

Check the UKIFF website for further details of this event.

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