Stefan Drury Screens District 9 with BAFTA

Visual effects master Stefan Drury introduced a screening of District 9 on Saturday 15th as part of BAFTA‘s ‘Behind the Mask‘ season. This season of events aims to celebrate the unsung heroes of the film industry and allows voting BAFTA members to choose one film which they believe exemplifies excellence within their particular field.

Stefan Drury has worked on numerous films including Kick-Ass, Batman BeginsHot Fuzz and Fantastic Mr Fox just to name a few. His selection, District 9, was based on how visual effects were used to create empathetic characters. He pointed out that this was exactly how visual effects should be used, to enhance story instead of distract from it. Apart from answering questions on the film, he also gave some insight into the industry. After listening to Stefan answer questions from the audience it was apparent just how much work goes into visual effects, whether it is helping to create an alien species or merely changing an actor’s hair colour in post production.

District 9 was a thoroughly enjoyable film, made all the more interesting by Drury’s insights before the viewing. It tells the story of aliens in a refugee camp in South Africa. When they are evicted to what appears to be a concentration camp, they find salvation through a Government Official. Like recent British Science Fiction hit Monsters it is filled with amazing visual effects despite not having a James Cameron sized budget. Sharlto Copley (Murdoch from The A-Team remake) also gives a great performance in the role that kick-started his career. Next he’ll be reuniting with District 9 director Neil Blomkamp in Elysium, which will also star Matt Damon.

On Saturday 21st Editor Chris Dickens will present a screening of the Peter Seller’s classic Being There. More information including ticket booking can be found at the ICA website:

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