Secret Cinema: Mission #1 – Physical Conditioning : Report

The next installment of Secret Cinema launches next week – Friday 1st June and runs until 1st July.

In the build up the launch night, the Brave New Ventures corporation have organised 4 Mini Missions for anyone who has bought a ticket to take part in.

Mission #1 took place yesterday evening under the name ‘Physical Conditioning’. A flashmob of around 500 people gathered next to the BFI Southbank. All were given BNV t-shirts/uniforms and were left a bit puzzled as to what was going on. Especially normal Londoner’s walking by on their way home from work.

Once the crowd had gathered, a military boot camp instructor, Aires Guerra began barking instructions via a megaphone. The crowd were shown how to perform certain exercises before being led on a short run along London’s Southbank through to Southwark for a celebratory drink.

Sian Hobbs, who was one of the medical supervisors, emphasised the complexity of the routines they were performing which involved exercises to reduce muscle wastage incurred on long, confined missions. “It was not at all like outdoors aerobics. It was very much about challenging the relationship between the body and space”, she said.

Mission #2: Night Time Data Retrieval takes place tonight at 10pm – details will be released to all new recruits at 5pm.

2 further missions will follow over the next few days. To join the team, see below for details on buying tickets.Mission #3: Psychological Training and Preparation takes place on Sunday with Mission #4:Quarantine Briefing, Bio-hacking, and Real World Biohazard Containment Mission on Monday.


– go to the enrolment page here or Secret Cinema.

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