onedotzero festival: antivj installation – eyjafjallajokull

Inspired by the Icelandic volcanic eruption, which wreaked travel chaos across Europe earlier this year.

Antivj presented the latest incarnation of their audio-visual mapping project for the first time in London. Initially designed for their onedotzero residency in New York in April 2010.

Painted directly onto 2 large walls a wireframed scenery is slowly revealed by gentle light effects. The audiences senses are progressively challenged as optical illusions question their perception of space.

Inside the installation space were people sitting on the floor absorbing the audio-visual sensory stimulation. The whole piece lasted for around 15-20 minutes.

It began with just a simple background, full of stars, like a typical space scene. Next the stars began to create a tracing effect, indicating some sort of motion taking place. Reminiscent of the effect used by Han Solo when engaging light speed – although at a much slower pace. The audio very subtle and atmospheric.

Different sequences followed as the artists created a journey for the viewer – with the same foreground shape of the mountains. The light effect bounced around and rippled into place, slowly lighting up the different elements of the scene. During this phase the audio started to get a bit more rumble to it and a sense of foreboding!

The visual now escalated to another level. Much more pace and even more abstract sequences of light. The audio changed completely too and dropped into a techy house beat.

Below are 3 clips that i filmed from some of the different sequences. You Tube has done a pretty bad job of compressing them so apologies for that!

More info:
BFI Southbank, Belvedere Road, Southbank, London SE1 8XT
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